Role of Wharton Graduate Association

Wharton graduate association main task is to support each and every individual’s voice and provide them will all developmental facilities, so that the students could accomplish their learning and qualifications.

Wharton graduate has taken many initiatives and developed many activities based clubs and communities in its Wharton schools. The memberships of these are only provided to the students of Wharton schools.

There are different communities for students, teachers and alumni. There are different clubs such as:

  1. Athletics club: This club supports to participate in different games at various levels and tournaments and provide them a chance to show their skills and qualities. There have been special training for each sports activity which would help them to improve their performance and give best out of them.
  2. Professional club: This club promotes practical applications of students design and their thinking. In this the students interact with the professional of fields such as automation, energy, finance, operations, management activities, health and technologies. The club also provide students an opportunities to engage with the professional working culture in offices and industries.
  3. Arts and Cultural Activities club: Arts and Cultural activities are supported not only in the country but around the whole world. The programs are not only nurture the participant’s talent but also help them to understand others. The club also provides opportunities in arts and cultural program, film designing, photography, graphic designing and painting workshops.
  4. Community service club: – The club provide consultancy services to the organizations working for community developments. The volunteers will be working and supporting the non-profit organizations in the field of education, health programs, public interests and many more social activities.

We have a calendar of events for the whole year in which you can find all the information regarding the activities and events happening in Wharton graduate schools. Responsibilities of the entire event whether they are academic or non-academic are with the Wharton graduate association.

Your admission in our school will provide you an opportunity to be a part of the legacy of Wharton schools and keep the ethics alive.

About WGA

The Wharton Graduate Association (WGA) is the student government organization of the Wharton School’s graduate program.

The WGA is the caretaker of Wharton’s MBA traditions and school-wide events, including the Inside Guide, Walnut Walk, Follies, Into the Streets, International Cultural Show, Wharton 54, Turkey Bowl, Cohort Paintball, Spring Informal, and countless others.

Joining the WGA is the first step of your Wharton MBA, enabling access to Wharton’s unmatched variety of student run co-curricular organizations and activities. Only WGA members are entitled to join Wharton clubs and to attend events and conferences.